Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Dominica Carnival 2010

From what I have read the origins of our Dominica Carnival celebrations go way back and are not a recent "purely for tourist" attraction. Our Carnival is normally colourful, vibrant and authentic...the "Real Mas" and plenty of time and money must go into building costumes, decorating vehicles, streets etc.
Last year the atmosphere was definitely lacking and not many bands/floats turned up for the opening parade. Judging by the turn out this year, it looks like things will be different.
I think our sensay, bwa-bwa, la peau cabrit, darkies, Pappy Show Wedding etc are truly special and I hope they will continue for many Carnivals to come, alongside the big speaker jump up and trini style costumes.
Maybe if we continue to make our Carnival uniquely Dominican, safe and fun for all of us to enjoy, then with effective marketing and a cost effective way to get here, the visitors we want to attract will follow...

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Background information
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