Monday, August 2, 2010

Rabbit Festival 2010 at Cochrane, Dominica

The Cochrane rabbit festival is normally dominated by the 3 R's. Rabbits, Rain and Roads. This year the rabbits were definitely the main attraction. Not only the cute little bunnies in the cages but those served as the main dish as well. Curried, BBQ, Grilled, Hot n Spicy, Colombo, Rotisserie etc.
Although it did rain again this year, the planning committee seemed to have been better prepared, crates were laid out in front of the food stalls and there was some shelter too.
As for the roads, I did not see anywhere near the chaos of last year and the one way system of coming up from River Estate entrance and leaving via the Sylvania exit seemed to have worked fine despite the "No Entry" sign being initially positioned at the wrong road entrance.
In addition to lots of rabbit eating and drinking, entertainment was in the form of the Venezualan dance troup and the Venezualan cuatro band, sack and rabbit races. I don't know what happened after 6.00pm but I felt there could have been a little more day time entertainment as there's only so much rabbit I can eat.
But all in all I think the festival is a welcome addition to the summer activity calendar for Dominica and a nice Community Tourism initiative. Thanks to the organising committee for all the improvements.
Click link for photo slideshow Rabbit Festival 2010